Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Spring has sprung...the fun has begun!

 Visiting the zoo with Everett and Layna.

 Easter gifts from the birth family.

 Arrow of Light Ceremony.

 Zach receiving his awards.

 Zach passing over from Cub Scouts to Scouts.

 Zach receiving the green Scout bands.

Winter in Omaha....

 Our apartment decorated for Zach's birthday.

 Birthday movie of Les Miserables.

 Birthday dinner at Texas Roadhouse.

 Go Zach!

 Our apartment looking into the two bedrooms.

 The bathroom.

 Our messy bedroom.

 Zach's tidy bedroom.

 Zach and Molly hanging out.

 Zach with grandma and grandpa Higginson stopping to visit us on the way home from their mission.

 Molly did not want to be left out!

 A fun game of Yahtzee!

 I think Zach got two Yahtzees!

 Doing Henry Doorly Zoo with grandma and grandpa!

 Zach playing YMCA basketball.

 Grandpa's new pal!

 Zach at his school music concert.

 Will, Zach and Colton.

 Zach with Elder Rindlisbacher and Elder To'Ofohe. Not sure about both spellings!

 Snowy day from our apartment windo.

 The Air and Space Museum with Zach and Will.

 Building lego spaceships.

 A domino challenge!

 Seeing how electricity works.